Problend Ltd. - in over 30 countries

PROBLEND Ltd. has markets in Bulgaria, Russia, Germany, USA, Armenia, Macedonia, Kosovo, Turkey, Greece, Austria, Romania, Canada, Ukraine, New Zealand, Algeria, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Tunisia, Estonia, Lithuania, Belarus, Moldova, Lebanon and others.

We produce 30 different types of packaging machines that can fill any product from 0.2 grams to 25 kg.

Problend Ltd makes every effort to offer you the best packaging machine at an affordable price.

packaging machines

Problend Ltd

Packaging machines

We offer

constructing, manufacture, service and innovative production solutions for packaging equipment
constructing, manufacture, service and innovation of non-standard equipment on preliminary given order
design, development, introducing and service of industrial electronics
The produced equipment has a 12- month guarantee period and afterguarantee service.
The machines are supplied with a certificate of quality for the relevant country.

Supplementary production

Packaging and distribution of sugar, honey and cream. The volume range is 2,5 – 5 ml. Three and four-side sealing for small size powder bags with advertising space left on them
Packaging solutions for a wide range of dry, liquid and powdered goods, supplied by the client

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