Packing Industries

We offer

constructing, manufacture, service and innovative production solutions for packaging equipment
constructing, manufacture, service and innovation of non-standard equipment on preliminary given order
design, development, introducing and service of industrial electronics
The produced equipment has a 12- month guarantee period and afterguarantee service.
The machines are supplied with a certificate of quality for the relevant country.

Problend is a global leader in responsible global packaging solutions, supplying a broad range of rigid and flexible packaging products to the food, beverage, healthcare, home, personal care, and tobacco packaging industries.

Packaging machines for food industry
Food industry
Packing Industries for Baking industry
Baking industry
packing machines for Cosmetic industry
Cosmetic industry
Baverage Industry
Beverage industry
Pet Food Industry
Pet food industry
Packing for Parapharmaceutical industry
Parapharmaceutical industry
packing machines for Home Chemistry industry
Home Chemistry industry
packing machines for Cosmetic industry
Cosmetic industry

We package products for most industries such as Food industry, Baking industry, Cosmetic industry, Beverage industry, Pet food industry, Parapharmaceutical industry, Home Chemistry industry, Cosmetic industry

We package product for cosmetic industry like a facial mask packaging machine, plastic tube filling machine for hair cream. For food industry we package product with food stuff tube filling machine, doypack machine