Stand up pouch doypack packing machine for bulk products









The AP 01-01W VFFS stand up pouch doypack packing machine and APH 01-2W HFFS stand up pouch doypack packing machine has been specifically designed for the wrapping of a wide range of many different products types and focuses on markets where the main requirements are, simplicity, reliability, and easy operation of the machine.


Stand up pouch packing machine for bulk products (doypack package) for freely falling bulk products/ bakery products , nuts, chips, sunflower seeds, feeds,hazelnuts, peanuts, almonds, beans, rice, lentils, herbs, sugar, noodles, pasta, couscous, corn, rolls, fresh, dried or frozen fruits and vegetables, salt, sugar, cereal, sesame, coffee, roaster coffee, tea,  fish, sprank, frozen fishes, washing powder, detergent , chewing gums, granule instant coffee, croutons, chewing gum, walnuts, pistachios and etc./

VFFS and HFFS stand up pounch packing machine seal packages doypack form.

Machine have possibility for zipper and caps.


The automated working cycle includes batching and sealing of the product. The machine uses packaging material form a single roll. The cycle is managed and controlled by a programmable controller and thermo regulator with PID autotuning.

We could build for you :

-Horizontal stand up pouch doypack packing machine HFFS (doypack machine)
-Vertical stand up pouch doypack packing machine VFFS (doypack machine)


Stand up pounch             Stand up pounch with zipper        Stand up pounch with cap